The On-Smart Multi-Alarm comes complete with an internal temperature sensor that will notify you if the temperature in your home or business drops below five degrees. There are many locations throughout North America and the World where temperatures can drop far below freezing quickly. If your home or office is subjected to temperatures in the -30 celsius (-22 fahrenheit) range then you live in one of these locations. If the heat in the building were to become compromised at these temperatures pipes could begin to freeze and burst in as little as a few hours. The On-Smart MultiAlarm is not tied into your furnace or boiler, it simply notes the temperature within the room in which it is installed. If an outside influence such as a tree were to break through a window or door your furnace may continue to work properly but in extreme temperatures it may not be able to keep the heat in the building above freezing. Mounting your multialrm on the main floor of your home or business has it's advantages. Not only are you able to observe all of the zones and condition of the network and backup battery the temperature sensor will give a more accurate reading of the overall temperature in the building because it is mounted away from the furnace.

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