Each sump is different and may require a different sensor. If you have a large sump pit it may advantageous to install a septic float to monitor the level of the liquid within the sump. The septic floats are designed to work within higher humidity environments while the leak detection floats are more suited to dry environments. Many new home rural and urban have a sump installed in the basement, many people do not even know that it is there. The sump within a house is designed to mitigate flooding by having a centralized location for the collection of rain and surface waters from around the house and then having them discharged though a pump away from the building. In the even that your sump pump should fail the water will continue to enter the sump and eventually flood your basement. The On-Smart MultiAlarm is designed to notify you of these types of situations. With a properly installed sump monitor such as a leak detector or a septic float you will be notified of potential flooding before it becomes a problem.

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